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Listen to the Team at Work

Hear some of our LawyerLine representatives by pressing play.
You’ll be able to hear everything that your clients do! From our friendly greetings to our extensive client intake, and more.

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Lawyerline Legal Intake Audio Samples

Our intake specialists build trust with callers, increasing the chance of conversion and helping you secure more clients. Check out the audio samples below to
hear the difference!

Personalized Greeting

Personalized greetings

LawyerLine receptionists are fully integrated into each firm; we answer every call just as you would, consistent with your brand.

Client Intake

Client Intake

Customize the questions we ask! Our team will take direction to collect all of the information that is important to you.

Appointment Scheduling

Appointment setting

Simply grant us access to your schedule and our team will book new appointments for you.

How We Turn Prospects Into Customers


  • Comprehensive data collection.

  • Customized data capture for effective intake.

  • Sharing essential information with the firm.


  • Provide empathy, patience, and comfort.

  • Maintain a friendly and warm approach.

  • Keep the call focused and on topic.


  • Emphasize your firms unique value.

  • Focus on abilities, not location, pedigree, or fee structure


  • Phone first, always. 

  • 3x3x3 rule; phone, email, text and repeat. 

  • Change the time of contact, ensuring a successful outbound call. 

Attractive young Hispanic sutomer suppor
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