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LawyerLine Pricing

We offer competitively priced call answering services with no hidden fees, no contract and the flexibility to make a plan that fits your needs. Call us to start your journey to a better legal workflow.


The perfet plan for a small to mid-sized office



24/7 Answering

Message Taking

Live Transfers


Includes all features of the Bronze Plan
- Plus -


Custom Client Intake

Text Notifications

Calendar Integration


Includes all features of the Bronze & Silver 
- Plus -



Live Web Chat

CRM Integration

Outbound Calling

Lawyer Convert


Payment Integration

Can't find the perfect fit? Call now to create a plan that solves your specific challenges

  • Can I customize the questions you ask potential clients?
    Yes of course! We may be the legal intake specialists, but we understand that you know best! Depending on your client intake preferences, you can as as many questions you’d like. Some LawyerLine clients give over 50!
  • Are there any other features available that are not listed?
    We strive to constantly improve our product, so while there might not be anything missing right now, we're always brainstorming new features. Let us know if you have any ideas - we value your feedback!
  • Does the representative change with every call?
    We have the same 8-10 call representatives answer for each law firm, which allows us to understand you, your preferences, and your clients.
  • What do you mean by case determination?
    With the legal client intake we provide, we are able to determine whether or not you can take on the caller’s case. This is based off of “qualifiers” given to us beforehand by the attorneys themselves.
  • What do you do when a personal call comes through?
    We will treat it like any other call type. We will either write down a message for you or transfer the call if it is urgent.
  • Do I have to sign a contract?
    No! Signing up and using LawyerLine does not require a contract. We believe our high quality of service will keep you as a valued customer.
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