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Legal Client Intake

Legal Client Intake

The Case of the Missed Opportunity: How Client Intake Changed Your Game

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Sarah was a skilled litigator, but her client pipeline was a frustrating rollercoaster. One missed call from a frantic potential client with an urgent legal matter was the final straw.  Missed opportunities were costing her business.

Seeking a solution, Sarah discovered specialized legal intake call centers. Companies like LawyerLine offered trained receptionists who understood the language of law. They could answer every call, pre-qualify leads, and gather those crucial details before Sarah ever spoke to a potential client.

The change was immediate. Her phone was answered 24/7, ensuring no potential case was left waiting. LawyerLine's specialized intake for lawyers filtered out unqualified leads, saving Sarah hours once spent on unproductive calls.  Most importantly, her conversion rate soared – pre-qualified leads meant well-prepared clients truly ready for her services.

LawyerLine's professional intake didn't just save time, it also projected a positive first impression for her firm. Clients felt valued and heard from the moment they made contact.

Sarah had once viewed client intake as a burden. Now, she realized it was the key to a streamlined practice. LawyerLine gave her back the most precious resource – time. Time to focus on strategy, build stronger cases, and win for the clients who truly needed her expertise.

Lead Capture & Qualification:

  • 24/7 Availability: Live intake specialists available around the clock to capture leads and answer questions, maximizing lead generation potential.

  • Customized Intake Forms: Gather specific client information relevant to your practice areas with tailored intake questions.

  • Lead Scoring & Qualification: Assess and prioritize leads, based on pre-defined criteria, to ensure your team focuses on the most promising cases.

  • Custom Call Handling: Utilize you and your colleagues time efficiently with tailored call handling, based on your preferences.

  • CRM Integration: Seamlessly integrate with your existing CRM system to streamline lead management and track client interactions.

  • Retainer and ACA Agreements signed: Skilled team can help retain qualified new clients and get retainers or ACAs signed live on the phone


Intake Specialist Expertise:

  • Trained Professionals: Experienced intake specialists, skilled in legal terminology and client interaction, ensure a smooth and professional experience for potential clients.

  • Empathetic Communication: Specialists build rapport with clients, establishing trust and understanding their legal needs.

  • Active Listening & Probing: Specialists actively listen to client concerns and ask probing questions to gather comprehensive information for case evaluation.

  • Conflict Check: Perform conflict checks to ensure ethical representation and avoid conflicts of interest.

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