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What is CRM and Why Does my Practice Need it?

Updated: Jun 11

One thing about having a law practice that might not be discussed that often is the ever-

changing needs of client and case management. 

As technology evolves, you might find that your current way of handling things may not be serving you as efficiently as it used to. 

This is where CRM, or Customer Relationship Management, comes into play!

CRM team meeting

There are many different CRM softwares available, and LawyerLine is familiar with quite a few of them. 

The first thing we’d recommend you to do is decide what specifically you need assistance with. There are many free or low-cost calendars available, such as Acuity or Calendly, if you feel that’s an area you’re needing a boost in. 

If you find that you’re in need of a CRM software, please feel free to do some research. If you also find that you’re in need of a team to answer your calls, schedule consultations, provide English to Spanish/French translations, process payments, reach out to LawyerLine today!


Build your customer base with the best legal answering service. Call us today at 800-380-3880

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